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Backend Engineer

BackbaseAmsterdam, NetherlandsFull-time$90k - $210k*Oct 19, 2022

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SE Dev Team - Senior Backend Engineer

About our team

We, the Solution Engineering (SE) Dev Team, are a multidisciplinary software development team developing a wide variety of demonstration apps and prototypes. We empower our customer-facing teams and partners showcasing Backbase’s capabilities, now and in the future.


By acting as a customer, we take the Backbase product and implement its features resulting in a realistic example of what the product is capable of providing out-of-the-box. More importantly, we extend it with new concepts and validate their impact on Backbase’s mission to help customers become the bank that people love.


We work closely together with Backbase’s product teams, helping them to improve their products, implement new features and gain new industry insights. We inspire Backbasers, partners, customers, and prospects in shaping the future of people-first banking.


Our team consists of digital-savvy professionals who continuously seek new opportunities to express their creativity. We strive to create meaningful and innovative solutions that challenge every team member to do their best.

About the role

As our Senior Backend Engineer, you implement, maintain and deploy our native cloud-based applications. These applications are part of our Showcase portfolio, which contains several implementations of the Backbase product. Additionally, you extend these implementations with concepts defined and refined by you and the team. These concepts come from various sources: the industry, customers, prospects, and of course you.


Periodically you’ll have the opportunity to work with customers and prospects to develop proof of concepts to demonstrate the ability of the Backbase product to work in their environment and adapt their requirements. This might involve travel and can be a great way to explore the world if you’re up for it.


Due to the goal of our team, and the broad range of what the Backbase product is capable of doing, your work is very diverse. Expect to implement transaction signing for payments based on our Backbase Identity product and integrating Twilio for messaging purposes in just one sprint. On the other hand, since the applications you work on won’t be made available to the general public, aspects like code coverage and supportability are less important. In general we value speed and creativity over convention.

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