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Developer Advocate - Product

StackBlitzFull-time$90k - $230k*RemoteApr 25, 2023

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Developer Relations at StackBlitz
At StackBlitz, Developer Relations is its own organization nested within Product and with close ties to every other unit, from marketing to DevEx, from Engineering to People Ops. This placement ensures that we are capable to get advice, share feedback, or brainstorm with others. It also means that you’re not alone in your endeavors.

Being a Developer Advocate at StackBlitz
At StackBlitz, Developer Advocates are DevRel generalists with a specialization. You oversee a domain within the Developer Relations organization but also actively participate in other tasks and in the company life. We understand the Developer Relations as both internal and external endeavor: advocating for our users to our team members, advocating for our products to our users, and advocating for the wellbeing of the engineers on our team.
Working at Developer Relations at StackBlitz requires deep empathy and strong belief that the world is a better place if we collaborate and share the spotlight. To excel in this organization, you should have (or develop) an instinct for connecting the dots and bringing people together - giving visibility to our engineers when talking about the results of their work, creating opportunities for our community members to shine, inviting others to join your adventures.
The key values informing our day-to-day work are: integrity, honesty, transparency, and kindness. These are reflected in anything from the ETAs we provide to internal strategizing.
We recognize that every person is different and that this is reflected in how you achieve your goals. Ideally, you’d be open to consider all of the tasks typically associated with DevRel (blogging, docs, conferences, streaming, podcasts, meetups, and so on) but being a generalist with a specialization means that there is time for you to grow in the areas beyond your specialization.

Meet StackBlitz founders
StackBlitz was founded by childhood friends, Eric Simons and Albert Pai in 2018. You can see them two give a presentation of the first StackBlitz editor version (prior to WebContainers), Eric and Dom Elm talk about WebContainers, or recently present Codeflow. Fast forward five years and StackBlitz recently raised $7.1 mln and our team grew to 22 team members spread across three continents.

Meet Developer Relations team
Developer Relations as a separate organization was formally established around a year ago, with Sylwia Vargas being the first DevRel hire (in November 2021) and growing it from the grounds up. Primarily a developer, writer and documentarian, she gave a few talks - you can see her talk about Web Publisher, one on the history of WebContainers, her understanding of what a community is, or her attitude towards comfort at work.

Given StackBlitz’s commitment to Open source, StackBlitz is involved in multiple ways with the Open Source community. One of this ways resulted in Vite’s core team member, Matias Capeletto (known as Patak), joining the DevRel team where he advocates for both communities. You can see Matias talk about Vite here.

Developer Advocate: Product
Two years ago StackBlitz released WebContainers, which recently reached stability. We are now focused on wide community adoption. This means being present at key events, streams, podcasts, creating tutorials and walkthroughs, and finding ways for people to use StackBlitz and associate StackBlitz with daily tasks.

Some of your tasks will also come from other DevRel specializations, for example docs audits or Discord participation. The goal here is that every Developer Advocate can be a resource to the rest of the team - and also that everyone can explore and grow in different careers within the field.

Specialization Responsibilities

  • Lead streams or appear on streams, podcasts, events, conferences (ideally as a speaker), especially featuring community members and team members
  • Support StackBlitz engineers in sharing their stories and expertise
  • Create engaging (and ideally evergreen) tutorials, videos, or demos informed by the questions or feedback from the community, as well as the DevRel strategy
  • Co-create product adoption strategy
  • Take an active role in shaping the flagship events such as ViteConf, hackathons, product launches
  • Build bridges between StackBlitz and different projects - find opportunities for collaboration and drive it to its fruition

Generalist Responsibilities

  • Support other StackBlitz folks in their DevRel endeavors - for example, reminding them to submit papers, using coaching strategies to help them find their topics, helping them identify and conquer the blockers in blogs or docs delivery
  • Documentation tasks such as auditing and improving a section, adding videos/screenshots, adding code samples and demos, and transforming community’s questions into docs sections
  • Showing up for the community on Discord, Twitter, and other mediums
  • Seek and document received feedback from the community with as much precision as possible and in a timely manner (being an async and distributed team means we need really good internal communication)
  • Work closely with lead to address criticism or de-escalate difficult community/brand situations

Skills and Experience

  • Empathy for how community members and other team members may experience reality
  • Patience. General patience. In Developer Relations changes take time and achieving anything requires a lot of follow-ups. We are in for a long game and while we are responding to the community needs here-and-now, we are also building with a sustainable future in mind.
  • Experience in blogging, streaming, running a podcast, appearing on podcasts or streams, teaching, public speaking, giving conference talks
  • Experience in building Open Source partnership strategies (for example with regards to sponsorships, ambassadorships, collaborations)
  • Experience in organizing and MCing events
  • Appreciation for feedback culture - both receiving feedback from the community and giving feedback to a team mate
  • A comfort with (or passion for) written communication which emanates compassion and kindness
  • Comfort with moderating Discord and Twitch and constant curiosity about possible improvements
  • Comfort in asking questions and waiting for responses (being in the organization in the middle of others means you will need to get a lot of answers and oftentimes wait or follow up)
  • Willingness to learn and grow


  • Experience in using StackBlitz
  • Experience in interviewing or soliciting product feedback
  • Understanding of Wasm and Node.js
  • Knowledge of the web dev community landscape
  • Ability to create demos with different frameworks
  • Knowledge of the web dev community landscape
About Us
StackBlitz is on a mission to bring web development into the browser. We are already trusted by over 1M developers every month. Our users are globally distributed and use StackBlitz for learning, collaboration, open source projects, and at work on world-class development teams.

You will feel at home on our team if you have trouble closing your laptop at the end of a long day of working on a particularly tricky problem, and at the same time recognize that a healthy personal life is more important than stressing about work during personal time. We all love to work hard and get stuff done, but know that optimal performance is achieved when we are fulfilled and happy in our personal lives.

Perks at StackBlitz
- 100% remote company
- Medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and dependents (for US employees)
- Paid parental leave

StackBlitz = Equal Opportunity Employer
We are actively seeking to create a diverse work environment because teams are stronger with different perspectives and experiences. We encourage YOU, whoever you are to apply! 

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. All employees and contractors of StackBlitz are responsible for maintaining a work culture free from discrimination and harassment by treating others with kindness and respect.


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