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Senior Platform Engineer

ReforgeFull-time$190kRemote; United StatesApr 4, 2024
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Engineering within Reforge develops new products, features, and enhancements to our already robust platform.

As a Senior Platform Engineer, you will lead by example writing cloud infrastructure, tools and observability as a service. You will work to create a frictionless experience for our internal engineering teams to write best-in-class software for our members.


Reforge is a new kind of educational company that helps you access the earned insights of the world's leading practitioners, learn and apply frameworks without leaving your job, and build a strong professional network. Our content, community, experience, and brand combine into a unique product offering that creates unparalleled access to insights that are typically trapped in the heads of top operators.


Our operating values are opinionated on purpose. We don’t aim to be everything to everyone. Their distinctness is meant to be used as a common set of threads that bond us together on our mission. We use our values to operate, solve problems, make decisions, evaluate/reward team members, and determine who and how we hire. You can see our full set of values and the decisions behind them on Reforge Artifacts.

  1. ⛴️ Delivering value to customers is all that matters.
  2. 🔂 Maximize the pace of improvement.
  3. ⚡️ Small teams do bigger things.
  4. 🧠Think like an underdog.
  5. ⚙️ Be a problem-solving machine.


  • Head of Eng, Senior & Staff Software Engineers, Engineering Leadership


  • Building and executing our platform strategy beyond Heroku towards containerized deployment in AWS
  • Defining and building our metrics & monitoring integration for standardization across teams
  • Managing our Development → Code Review → Staging / Production environment pipelines and evolving them as we scale the business
  • Incorporating feedback and inner-sourcing contributions to the platform team across engineering
  • Enabling a frictionless engineering environment for developers their best code with the fewest number of barriers, and constantly improving on any that are in front of us


Non Negotiables 

  • 5+ years of experience in Platform Engineering
  • 5+ years with AWS or Google Cloud
  • 3+ years with Terraform, Ansible, or Infrastructure as Code tooling
  • 2+ years with Docker containers, containerized production deployments and management
  • Experience with Postgres / MySQL / relational database deployments at scale
  • Experience in a cross-functional team-based environment
  • Experience in high-growth startup

Nice to Have

  • Heroku
  • Datadog / Splunk / New Relic or other observability tooling experience 
  • Experience deploying Rails & NodeJS applications
  • Experience with inner-sourced platform engineering
  • Prior experience in a remote-first org

Attributes that will make you successful in this role

  • Excellent communication, empathy and consensus building with engineers outside of the platform team
  • Desire to mentor and collaborate
  • Incredible passion for tools, process and culture that eliminates friction while using modern cloud-based tech to eliminated 99% of what we might have built in-house previously


The internal mission of Reforge is to create an environment where you create the best work of your career. In order to do that we offer:

  • Flexible/Distributed Work Environment - Everyone does their best work in different environments. We operate as a distributed-first team and offer financial support that enables you to create the schedule and environment that fits to you. We also ask that every employee block off 2-3 hours of daily “deep work,” ensuring that you always have uninterrupted time and can keep a schedule that enables you to do your best work.
  • Healthcare - We offer top rated health, vision, and dental insurance. We cover 100% of monthly premiums for employees, and 70% for dependents.
  • Salary + Equity - We offer highly competitive salary and equity inline with top tier technology companies.
  • 401k - We offer the opportunity for you to contribute to a 401k directly from your paycheck.
  • Flexible PTO - Having plentiful “off the grid” time is a key to doing your best work. We offer flexible PTO. Take time when you need it. Everyone must take at least 10 days per year, and we highly encourage more.

…and much more


We have built a data-driven Compensation Philosophy at Reforge, with the intent of enabling all employees to do their best work. When setting compensation for each role, we use bands that include a target salary; on occasion we will extend an offer above or below the target if the skills presented in the interview process show spikes or peaks—but this is rare, and the highest likelihood is that your offer will be at target.

We do not negotiate offers because our compensation philosophy is based on equitability and intentional placement within the market. The target salary for this role is $190,000 annually, and total compensation includes an equity grant and benefits.


Our commitment to diversity and inclusion: We deeply value creating a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences, and we prioritize diversity within our team. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.


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