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Senior DevOps Engineer (Blockchain)

BinanceFull-time$100k - $255k*AsiaMay 10, 2024
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As a Blockchain DevOps, you will be responsible for deploying and maintaining core infrastructure components across a variety of public clouds (AWS/GCP/Ali), with a heavy focus on the development, research, and deployment of new Web3 technologies.
You'll architect state of the art solutions for managing complex Web3 infra technologies and leverage your extensive experience to create a highly available production system, emphasizing automation and effective documentation.


  • Dual focus on product reliability and system stability.
  • Develop best practices for managing production infrastructure: provisioning, application scaling, configuration management, capacity planning and monitoring.
  • Develop automation using IaC and config as code principles to build, deploy, and configure infra and Web3 components in a consistent and reproducible manner.
  • Continuously raise our standard of engineering excellence by implementing best practices for coding, testing, deployment and automation.
  • Create comprehensive documentation, high-level-architecture diagrams, and perform knowledge sharing.
  • Foster collaboration with Tech Support, ensuring timely response and continuous improvements of our supported products.


  • Passion for the role of DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer, with a deep understanding of Linux/Unix and Cloud technologies (AWS/GCP/Ali).
  • In-depth knowledge of infrastructure and application availability, with considerations for scalability, high-availability, fault tolerance, disaster recovery, and cost analysis / optimizations.
  • Familiarity with containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Experience configuring and operating blockchain nodes, with a strong understanding of, and motivation to research and deploy complex Web3.
  • Proficiency in automation and configuration management tools, observability tools , and in programming languages such as Python, Go.
  • An understanding of security best practices.
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively across teams and with various stakeholders.


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