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Ruby Software Engineer

Smart Pension LtdLondon, United KingdomFull-time$90k - $220k*Jun 8, 2022

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Are you someone who has a passion for Ruby and is looking to play an important role in an amazing team in our London office and to grow your skills?

Smart is growing rapidly and we are now on a major recruitment drive to hire 60 plus Ruby Developers in the next 3 months. Our Engineering team is currently 190 people (25% of which are female) across four locations, and we operate with an average ratio of 1 Principal Engineer per 20 Engineers, ensuring we have experienced Individual contributors whose primary role it is to look after the platform and provide technical feedback, helping teams and individuals. Now with several large projects in the pipeline to be started, this really is an exciting time to be joining one of the fastest growing Fintech businesses.

We enjoy working in a flexible, agile environment, with core values of transparency and continuous improvement. We have a desire to contribute, learn and grow, working on a platform that will improve people's lives 80 years from now, as you've probably guessed, pensions are a long-term project!

How we work

We focus on developing the best application for our customers and don't cut costs - quality is essential to everything we do, working software that always works! Alongside our phenomenal team we use many contemporary tools such as AWS, GitHub, Circle CI, New Relic, to name a few. Our approach to code is simple, keep it clean and ensure it has good test coverage. We don't ship code just to hit a deadline. At Smart, you will work collaboratively with experienced developers who will review your code and you will review their code, everyone is treated equal with a PR. This approach has helped us maintain at least 96% test coverage of our application meaning we can focus on features rather than bug fixing.

What you'll do

As a team

Smart is dynamic, exciting and diverse. Pension companies in the past have been slow to adapt to new technology and methods, but with Smart, we're changing the world of pensions and to keep up with it, we look for people who are happy to operate in an ambiguous environment, people who bring ideas to the table but above all, people who deliver software. We look to move forward at pace and we are upbeat and passionate about making things successful!

We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce, is the most awesome workforce. Over 80% of our Engineering team volunteered their time to be coaches at Rails Girls London - a free workshop aimed at making technology more approachable for women.

We are excited by new ideas, different ways of thinking, diverse backgrounds and approaches. We run hackathons where in 24 hours anyone can build and present new ways of thinking to the senior management team! Test new technologies, try new ideas - we're excited to get your ideas out to the world!

We’re excited for you to make Smart an even more awesome place to work!

At Smart, we're a diverse team, made up of people from different backgrounds, experiences and skills. Our goal is to build great products to help people plan for their financial futures. We’re constantly developing new ideas to help people look after their pension schemes, in the UK and abroad. We’ve grown to a team of over 500 talented people, all dedicated to creating the best experience for our customers. Recently we made it onto Great Places to Work UK's Best Workplaces 2020 for medium-sized companies! If you think you can help us build a smarter future, come and work with us.

Our Recruitment Data Policy is here. Please click on the link if you have any questions about how we store your data or to know your rights.



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