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EcosiaRemote; BerlinFull-time€62k - €76kAug 17, 2023

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Please be aware that in the event of a significant number of applicants, the position may be temporarily removed from the website until we can thoroughly evaluate each application. If we are unable to identify the ideal candidate from the initial pool, we will repost the role online. Thank you!


A better planet with every search - Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, is one of the world's largest social businesses and the first B Corporation in Germany. As part of our mission to cultivate a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable world, we are planting and protecting forests by enabling people to channel their everyday actions into environmental good. So far our 20+ million users have planted over 170 million trees. Our reach is expanding as we continue to grow and plant native and biodiverse trees worldwide!

We are looking for a Platform Engineer (all genders) with expertise in cloud-native application development and in developer experience best practices to join us remotely or in our Berlin office.

As an engineer on our remote-first (comfortable working within and adjacent to the CET time zone) Platform team, you will improve & scale Ecosia’s cloud infrastructure and make development frictionless and operationally safe.

Thereby, you will have an impact on the search experience of millions of users and ultimately our planet. You will introduce new technologies (e.g., CI/CD tooling, managed cloud services, configuration as code) implement monitoring solutions, and create tooling that optimizes the developer experience.

Further, you will support engineers across the organization in their understanding of operational practices and support your direct colleagues’ technical growth.





Familiarity with our tech stack is considered beneficial, but not necessary.

We use:
AWS, Circle CI, Cloudflare, Cloudflare Workers, FluxCD, Github Actions, Grafana, Kubernetes, Terraform

We recognise that you may need further development in some areas, and we encourage you to apply even if your profile does not meet all of the requirements for the role: we encourage and support growth and development for everyone.


Our hiring process consists of 5 steps:
1) Screening call with our recruiter
2) Our Experience Assessment Call with our Platform Tech Lead and one Platform team member
3) Pair programming session with two Platform team members
4) Culture Interview with our Engineering Manager and a member from a different team
5) Offer call with the recruiter

(By default, all steps are done remotely.)

The salary range for the role:
€62,000 to €76,000
++Plus up to 7.2k per year for participating in the on-call rotation.
((To note: we pay 600 Euro per weekly shift. After the person gets onboarded and joins the out of office on-call rotation, they could earn an additional 7.2k per year, given they take 12 shifts.)

Please note that in order for us to consider you for a remote candidacy, you should be based in a CET/CEST +/- 2-hours location due to our core hours and ways of working.


- What if your job made a real difference in the climate crisis? Join Ecosia and support planting millions of trees where people and ecosystems need them most.
- We offer you the opportunity to balance work with other parts of your life. (Flexible working hours, more vacation days than the law requires (30 days/year on a five-day week), designated Focus Times , remote work options).
- Moving to Berlin for the first time? We welcome everyone and offer relocation support and visa/work-permit assistance to new employees and their loved ones coming from abroad and within Germany.
- We are a team of more than 25 nationalities that includes people from different sexual orientations, ages, races, physical/mental abilities, child/pet/plant parents, and non-traditional backgrounds.
- We enable you to live sustainably through our green benefits, such as subsidized public transport cards, bike inspection, green electricity allowance, etc.
- We support your professional growth through monthly learning days, hack days, online and physical library, 2000€ development allowance per year, continuous feedback, etc.
Useful links:
- Want to know what it's like to work for Ecosia?
- Ecosia’s career page
- 10 questions for Ecosia’s Founder and CEO
- Our Manifesto

If you’re living with a disability, illness, and/or neurodiversity or are primary caregivers, feel free to let us know how we can adjust and support your application process. For instance, we can provide different tools, interview formats, or more time for assignments.

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