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Metatheory Inc. is a technology-driven entertainment company building Web3 games, interactive multi-platform stories, and virtual world experiences imagined across innovative collective story franchise IPs. We are a remote first dynamic team of builders, developers, and entrepreneurs including several key founding members of Twitch along with multiple Emmy and Peabody winning producers and storytellers.

Our flagship IP is DuskBreakers, an eccentric, interactive sci fi saga set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious alien ship (The Dusk) becomes a beacon of hope for humanity. The franchise spans games, animated content, NFTs, and other media formats.

We are looking for a Web3/Blockchain Engineer to help us develop and maintain blockchain software in a performant, high-uptime environment. Flexibility, autonomy and the ability to work in a fast paced environment are required but we pair that with a great team, amazing work environment, and fun atmosphere with a love of gaming. We are trying to do something unique and be good thought leaders in the Web3 gaming space. If you have a desire to have real impact in a startup environment and feel comfortable doing whatever it takes to get awesome products to customers, we'd love to explore that with you!


  • Develop and maintain blockchain software (including integrations, security & testing) in a performant, high-uptime environment
  • Build products based on various well-established blockchain protocols (Ethereum, Polygon, and more)
  • Integrate with blockchain protocols from various backend servers, supporting the creation of APIs and integrations
  • Assist in architecting cryptocurrency plans and platform selection along with wallet integrations
  • Design, develop and implement key system and application architecture components that support the creation, transfer, and storage of digital assets
  • Develop to highest security best practices
  • Implement test-driven development; drive test automation
  • Help identify product requirements and design architecture with Products and Engineering teams
  • Improve test coverage of codebase


  • 5+ years Web2 experience; proficient with a backend languages/ frameworks (e.g. Python, Node, JS, Flask, Django, etc.)
  • Solid Web3 experience; proficient with a blockchain scripting/ smart-contract language (e.g. Solidity); has deployed projects to mainnet
  • Transaction-level awareness of cryptocurrencies (contracts, signatures, proof of work, gas fees, etc.)
  • Passionate about testing code for completeness, accuracy and security
  • Experience with developing & scaling databases and micro-services/ distributed computing
  • Cloud native - Knowledge of cloud infrastructure technology (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Experienced with writing software that speaks a variety of network protocols, with awareness of appropriate threading/locking models, or asynchronous design to ensure correctness
  • Ability to work within an environment of continuous integration and deployment
  • Fluent English
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
At Metatheory, we are creating the next wave of Web3 games that put the focus on fun and player engagement in fully fleshed out digital worlds. We are passionate about creating systems that can connect to a broader metaverse, that push the boundaries of innovation in the Web3 space, that capture authentic gamer experiences and bring joy to our players. We want passionate, self-starters that love gaming and are passionate about making large changes in the gaming industry.

Candidates should be comfortable working in a remote, fast-paced, fluid, and ever-changing startup environment. We are currently remote first and will always embrace work from home culture, although we may have some more offices in the future. Candidates should be excited about the future potential of blockchain, but no prior experience is required.

Alternative Jobs