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Senior Software Engineer (Python)

NoteableFull-time$110k - $270k*Remote; United StatesAug 17, 2021

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You’re in high demand. We get it. The best people always are.
We could tell you that you’d be on the ground floor of one of the hottest new startups in Silicon Valley. We could tell you how we’re commercializing a collaborative data experience based on our prior industry-leading work at companies like Netflix and Apple. Or we could say to you that we’re building something new and exciting, and will completely change the way millions of people worldwide work with data.

Most people might find this pretty compelling. But you’re not most people. You want more. So why us? Why this opportunity? Because this is everything you’ve ever wanted in a job.

It’s the team you’ve always wanted.
It’s working alongside some of the best & brightest minds in tech. Talented engineers who, despite being leaders in their fields, remain humble and helpful. Accomplished colleagues who can communicate clearly and effectively, and who embrace your contributions with an open mind and no ego. It’s exploring the unknown with a team of dependable, emotionally-mature colleagues who thrive in collaborative environments and are excited by what they’re doing. It’s working with people you truly enjoy working with.

It’s the work environment you’re looking for.
No, that doesn’t mean pinball machines and beer on tap. It’s the freedom to explore groundbreaking new ideas and cutting-edge technologies without first asking permission. It’s the ability to boldly experiment with the unknown, without fear of failure, because we know every failure uncovers new insights. It’s the opportunity to learn more, grow faster, and have more impact than you ever thought possible.

It’s the company culture you’ve been seeking.
It’s being proud of where you work, knowing you are part of a company with moral leaders, strong principles, and unshakeable ethics. It’s fostering a genuinely inclusive workplace, where everyone is treated with respect--and brilliant jerks are not tolerated. It’s a culture of transparency and trust, where you have access to everything and are encouraged to pursue your curiosity. It’s being trusted to make good decisions and being unafraid to take smart risks. It’s about having fun and finding meaning in what you do. It’s working at the most sensible, pragmatic place you’ve heard of.

Because it’s rare to find a meaningful and challenging role you genuinely enjoy. It’s even more rare to find that role at a company with an extraordinary team, work environment, and company culture. But finding it in a well-funded startup that’s poised for explosive growth?

That’s exceedingly rare. Like, once-in-a-lifetime rare. And that’s got to be worth a conversation at least.

How will you spend your days?
- Collaborate with our product team to determine feasible approaches for delivering new features to our customers.
- Write and review code changes to our backend services that are built with FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, pytest, and other popular Python tools.
- Expand our product's data connection support by helping implement new integrations with popular data stores.
- Help operate and support our production environment during your regularly scheduled on-call rotation.
- Propose and lead high-value, high-effort initiatives to improve quality, reliability, or developer experience.

What do you know?
- Python. You're comfortable writing it and are familiar with its ecosystem.
- How to build web applications. You understand the HTTP protocol. You might even know a thing or two about WebSockets.
- RESTful API design principles and how to usher change to avoid unhappy consumers.
- Distributed system design principles and how to build fault-tolerant systems.
- Kubernetes. The basics are good enough.

Who are you?
- You take pride in the code you write. You value clean, elegant, and efficient code, and you encourage the same from your team.
- You thrive in a culture of freedom and self-direction but also place great value on teamwork and supporting your peers.
- You enjoy collaborating with others. You seek out diversity of thought and embrace feedback from your customers and colleagues.
- You are biased toward action. You deliver results quickly with iteration, instead of waiting for perfection, and you actively solicit feedback.
- You are intensely curious. You’re always learning something new or digging deeper to understand how something works.
- You have a passion for quality and keen attention to detail. You don’t consider work done until it has been tested and documented.
- You possess a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and desire to grow.

- Freedom to work remotely anywhere; we are a remote-only company.
- Competitive compensation, including both salary and stock options.
- Medical, dental, and vision insurance, including a top-tier HSA plan, and FSA plans.
- Generous parental leave; flexible time off.
- Home office setup stipend.
- 401(k) retirement plan.

About Noteable
All data practitioners want to be empowered to play an active role in getting the most out of their company's data. Enter Noteable, an enterprise solution for collaboration with Jupyter notebooks. We are assembling a collaborative team of talented technologists to bring this vision to life.

Noteable was founded in 2020 by former Netflix, Amazon, and Apple technology leaders, and our team includes contributors and leaders within the Jupyter and Python communities. We are supported by WingCostanoa Ventures, and Bain Capital.

We understand that the best engineers aren’t necessarily the ones who ‘check all the boxes.’ Not knowing something isn’t as important as your ability and willingness to learn it. We celebrate diversity in all its forms and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Noteable is a dedicated equal-opportunity employer.


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