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Senior Design System Engineer II

HashiCorpFull-time$170k - $240kUnited StatesApr 15, 2024

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Sr. Engineer II, Design Systems

US or Canada (Remote); #LI-Remote

Meet the Team

As a member of the Design Systems team, you’ll join a group of engineers and designers passionate about building an accessible and widely adopted design system for HashiCorp’s growing portfolio of products and other experiences. We have team members working from Canada, the UK, and the US.

What We Do

We’re the creators of the Helios Design System! We build and support a single source of truth for the design vision, tools, documentation, process, and infrastructure needed to build accessible, differentiated experiences for Hashicorp’s user interfaces.

What You’ll Do

You’ll play a lead role in maintaining and maturing our design system, built using Ember.js, which is used across all of HashiCorp’s products. You’ll collaborate with engineers and designers across the company to understand their needs and work to develop the necessary tools and infrastructure to support our accessible, extensible design system. 

You might use your skills with design systems, Ember.js, or accessibility to lead upcoming efforts to modernize our component library through the adoption of TypeScript, implement complex patterns like a DataGrid, or work on the introduction of a new “system of systems” layer built on top of Helios.

Your Roadmap to Success

Your First 30 days

  • Onboard and become more familiar with HashiCorp’s products
  • Gain familiarity with the Design System’s Ember.js codebases and repositories and make improvements where you see the opportunity
  • Collaborate with the designers in the team, participating and contributing to discussions around the implementation of components in the Figma libraries
  • Review other team members’ pull requests, providing timely feedback and suggestions for technical improvements

Your First 90 Days

  • Build relationships with engineers and designers who are adopters of the design system
  • Convert existing design system components to TypeScript
  • Gain familiarity with and work directly on the products' codebases using the design system to support the correct adoption of the components provided by the design system.
  • Contribute to a project building documentation, code, and design for a shared library built on top of Helios
  • Fully participate and contribute to all the team activities and processes: daily syncs, weekly planning sessions, weekly office hours, and bi-weekly retrospectives. You are starting to add to and influence the team’s culture.

Your First 180 Days

  • Build complex components and patterns like a DataGrid in collaboration with Design System designers and relevant stakeholders
  • Author RFCs proposing new processes or changes to the design system
  • Serve as a reliable resource for other design and engineering teams on the best way to build accessible products using our design system.
  • Lead efforts to define vision, goals, and roadmaps for the medium and long-term health of the Helios codebase.
  • Lead complex cross-team projects connected to the broader design system vision
The base pay range for this role in the SF Bay Area / NYC area is:
$204,000$240,000 USD
The base pay range for this role in Seattle Metro, Denver / Boulder Metro, New York (excluding NYC), Washington D.C., or California (excluding SF Bay Area) is:
$187,000$220,000 USD
The base pay range for this role in Colorado (excluding Denver / Boulder Metro) and Washington (excluding Seattle Metro) is:
$170,000$200,000 USD

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