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I když je náš tým převážně česko-slovenský, máme mezi sebou i pár kolegů, kteří jsou cizinci. Proto hledáme někoho, kdo se nebojí komunikace v angličtině, nebo je mu dokonce také bližší, než čeština. To je i důvodem, proč jsme se rozhodli veškeré informace o této pozici sepsat v angličtině.
We, in the Purple.LAB() team, design, develop and manage broker services and applications. This way, we facilitate interaction with our clients and reduce the work of a broker's employees. For instance, we develop a web and mobile version of the client zone for managing accounts, deposits, and withdrawals (something like "Internet banking"). We also automate processes like opening new accounts, depositing funds, and other things that help make work simple.
Our vision is to be a good partner for FinTech brokers and creates a modern and efficient environment for their clients and employees. We base all on small flexible teams of Full-Stack developers and use AWS, Serverless, GraphQL, React, and more.
As one of the Serverless market leaders located in Central Europe, we work on tooling for building big serverless applications and helping the community to push forward.


  • Designing cloud architecture based on business requirements
  • Developing new serverless microservices
  • Moving our open-source serverless tools forward
  • Setting up and improving monitoring according to project needs
  • Improving the security and maintainability of our systems
  • Assisting with technical platform design, modifying the technology stack, mentoring team members, and escalating issues that affect the overall development
  • Prioritizing, managing the backlog, and distributing tasks across the development team
  • Participating in platform tribe meetings and technical analysis of the development teams to consult platform topics and best practices
  • Exploring new avenues, experiments, and implementing sample solutions, either at the team or cooperative level


  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS - AWS Lambda
  • CI/CD - CircleCI
  • Unit tests - Jest
  • AWS Cloud - Serverless Framework
  • GraphQL - AWS AppSync
  • REST API - Amazon API Gateway
  • Identity Provider - Amazon Cognito
  • Databases - Amazon DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Mongo Atlas
  • React / React Native
  • Next.js, AWS Amplify, Styled Components
  • Checkout more on our Stackshare profile
  • We also have a blog about how we work. You can check it here.


  • You are a senior developer in both the backend and frontend (definitely does not require knowledge of our technologies, but we expect a strong desire to develop in them)
  • A passion for serverless development is a must-have for us (If you don't have much experience, that's fine, our AWS HERO Filip Pýrek  will be on the team with you)
  • You want to become part of the team but are ok to work independently too. You can expect to get a separate assignment, and it will be up to you to come up with the best possible solution.
  • You have an achiever attitude, drive, and innovative mindset - there is always space for improvement and we welcome new suggestions and believe that each of us can make an impact
  • A big advantage is if you have a good knowledge of security and networking
  • You don't have to come to the office every day, we offer a great amount of flexibility and support to your individual needs. But we are happy to meet in person from time to time too.
We are a young team with a desire to show the world that a Czech company from Brno has its place in international business. We are innovating the financial world, trying to change the status quo and inspire competition. People are what matters most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship which grows profitably. We can work as a team and have a lot of fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other.
We are open with each other, and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows what their job is and how much time they need to devote to it. We prefer a project management style to a hierarchical one. Plus, our company is located in a nice office in the city center of Brno, with its own gym, sauna, etc.

Alternative Jobs