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Full-stack Engineer

PrismicFull-time$100k - $260k*Remote; EuropeMar 28, 2024
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Who we are

Hello. We are Prismic.
We're looking for Full-stack Engineers to join our Engineering team.
At Prismic, we're on a mission to revolutionize how the web is and will be built. We’re not just tweaking the edges - we're reimagining the foundation.
Our aim? Craft a web-building experience that’s delightful and effective for marketing and engineering teams alike. By focusing on an ecosystem of open-source tools, seamless APIs, and user-centric web applications, we're demolishing the barriers that stand between developers and marketers. We need standout full-stack engineers to be the cornerstones of our scaling journey, developing our systems that are as bold as our vision.

What you’ll do 🛠️

- Dive into projects that impact millions of users daily, crafting high-traffic systems that are as sleek as they are scalable
- Work shoulder to shoulder with product gurus and design wizards to sculpt tools and features that amp up productivity and fulfillment
- Use data to guide decisions, refine processes, and smash targets
- Meet, greet, and exceed SLOs, because you know that’s just part of crafting stellar services
- Harness engineering best practices for solving all kinds of real business problems
- Develop in a serverless world, because servers are so last season.

Are you the one? 🧠

- A code whiz willing to work with Typescript, React & Node… and a dash of Scala
- All about that team life, recognizing that the best software is built together
- Passionate about making developers' and marketers' lives easier, better, cooler
- A best practices advocate who’s always up for solving real-world puzzles.

If you don’t tick all of the Nice to have boxes - no worries, we still encourage you to apply! At Prismic, we’re committed to embracing diverse profiles. We will understand what you can bring to the table, and fit your skills into our teams.

Why you’ll love it here 💜

- You’re not just joining a team - you’re joining a mission. We’re reimagining how the web is and will be built
- We put the developer experience right at the heart of everything, which means we care about your experience too
- Flex those creative muscles in a place that values innovation driven by intuition and data
- Make your mark on a platform that touches millions, knowing your work elevates their day, every day.

What are the perks? 🎉
Firstly, we are hiring across Europe, and this is a 100% remote position.

- Latest Macbook
- A budget for you to equip your home office setup
- English classes for all levels
- Online and onsite yoga classes 3x/week
- Yearly company gatherings to take a break from the routine and give you the chance to meet the international teams!

(also, other benefits that may depend on the country you’re based in)

Afraid of missing out if you’re remote? 🌍  Worry not!

- You get the chance to visit us from time to time and spend a few days at the Paris office
- We organize virtual events to stay connected with each other
- We also hold regular global meetings
- We do our best to nurture a relaxed and informal atmosphere, enabling you to feel supported, thrive at your job, and keep learning.


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