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Engineering Manager, Cloud Infrastructure

OnehouseFull-time$110k - $260k*Bangalore, IndiaDec 12, 2023
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About Onehouse
Onehouse is a mission driven company dedicated to democratizing data management by making it universally interoperable. We deliver the universal data lakehouse through a cloud-native managed lakehouse service built on Apache Hudi, which was created by the founding team while they were at Uber.

We are a team of self-driven, inspired, and seasoned builders that have created large-scale data systems and globally distributed platforms that sit at the heart of some of the largest enterprises out there including Uber, Linkedin, Confluent, Amazon, Azure Databricks and many more. Riding off $33M total funding and a fresh Series A backed by Greylock/Addition, we are quickly expanding and looking for rising talent to grow with us and become future leaders of the team. Come help us build the world's best fully managed and self-optimizing data lake platform!

The Impact You Will Drive:
Foster a high-performing engineering team through effective leadership, mentorship, and continuous skill development.
Collaborate with product managers, data platform engineers, and other stakeholders to understand business requirements and translate them into technical solutions in order to enhance system reliability, availability, and performance, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers.
Champion a culture of innovation, encouraging the team to explore new tools and methodologies that enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our Data Lake platform.
Architect and implement solutions that scale horizontally to accommodate the rapid growth of our customer base and the ever-expanding demands on our Data Lake infrastructure.

A Typical Day:
Start your day by reviewing the team's objectives and aligning them with the broader company goals in the realm of SAAS and Data Lake technologies.
Conduct a morning stand-up to foster open communication within the team, discussing progress, challenges, and upcoming tasks.
Dive into technical discussions with your team, architects, and other stakeholders, contributing your expertise to architectural decisions and problem-solving sessions.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as data engineering, product development, and quality assurance to ensure seamless integration and delivery.
Facilitate regular team meetings to discuss process improvements, share insights on industry best practices, and foster a culture of continuous learning.
Work with individual team members to identify areas for skill development and create personalized growth plans.
Monitor the health and performance of our cloud infrastructure, reviewing alerts and addressing any incidents promptly to ensure system reliability.
Engage in project planning sessions, ensuring that timelines are realistic and align with business priorities.
Regularly update project documentation, tracking progress, and communicating milestones to relevant stakeholders.
Work closely with other engineering managers to align efforts, share insights, and contribute to the overall success of the company.

What You Bring to the Table:
5+ years of software engineering work experience
Proven experience in cloud infrastructure management, with a deep understanding of AWS, Azure, or GCP.
Demonstrated success in recruiting, leading and growing high-performing engineering teams.
Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to inspire, mentor, and guide team members toward achieving both individual and collective goals.
Proven track record of collaborating across teams, fostering a culture of cross-functional communication and cooperation.
Expertise in implementing and maintaining robust monitoring, alerting, and incident response systems.
A customer-focused mindset, with the ability to understand and translate customer needs into technical solutions.

House Values
Tough & Persevering
We are building our company in a very large, fast-growing but highly competitive space. Life will get tough sometimes. We take hardships in the stride, be positive, focus all energy on the path forward and develop a champion's mindset to overcome odds. Always day one!

Keep Making It Better Always
Rome was not built in a day; If we can get 1% better each day for one year, we'll end up thirty-seven times better. This means being organized, communicating promptly, taking even small tasks seriously, tracking all small ideas, and paying it forward.

Think Big, Act Fast
We have tremendous scope for innovation, but we will still be judged by impact over time. Big, bold ideas still need to be strategized against priorities, broken down, set in rapid motion, measure, refine, repeat. Great execution is what separates promising companies from proven unicorns.

Be Customer Obsessed
Everyone has the responsibility to drive towards the best experience for the customer, be an OSS user or a paid customer. If something is broken, own it, say something, do something; never ignore. Be the change that you want to see in the company.

One Team
Optimize for the company, your team, self - in that order. We may fight long and hard in the trenches, take care of your co-workers with empathy. We give more than we take to build the one house, that everyone dreams of being part of.


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