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Domain Architect

BackbaseCardiff, United KingdomFull-time$95k - $230k*Apr 18, 2023
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The job in short

You lead the technical vision, strategy and design for a new Open Banking product. As a member of the leadership team, you will work closely with our customers, Product Owners and fellow architects to develop the high-level technical approach, guide our Engineering Teams and ensure production-readiness and compliance concerns are carefully considered. From technical workshops, demonstrations and technical documentation/training collateral, you’re in charge – all the way.

Reporting to the Chief Architect, this is the most senior technical leadership position in our new Open Banking team. 

Meet the job

By the end of month 1: You have completed your Backbase onboarding; connecting and participating with new starters around the globe in week 1. You’ve started to build your product and domain knowledge by working closely with the Open Banking Product Manager, running our software and better understanding our solutions and challenges. On top of that, you also started to develop your Architect’s network across the organisation.

By the end of month 3: Having participated in sessions with our customers, you are translating their needs into a set of technical designs that are building on your Open Banking subject matter expertise. You have worked closely with the Engineering Teams to help them convert these into a meaningful set of roadmap items; leveraging or extending open-standards and protocols where possible. You have guided the Product Owners to help them be considerate of the non-functional requirements when shaping their backlog.

By the end of month 6: It’s likely the first fruits of your labour are hitting our distro repositories and our customers are beginning to ‘kick the tyres’ by running it on our Backbase-as-a-Sevice cloud platform. You’re keen to ensure this lands properly, so you’re spending time with our Ops team to review the operational metrics. You have actively participated in the wider Backbase Architecture community and are championing a key improvement across the organization.

By the end of month 12: Your first product is live for our customers; they’re happy and that’s also due to the way you’ve helped allay their concerns. You’ve already driven at least one significant technical improvement across our products. You’ve signed up for the next big Open Banking or Tech conference and can’t wait to share your new knowledge in the next lunch-and-learn session. 

The technology

A Cloud-native, Microservices Architecture underpins our Backend services and exposes our RESTful APIs. Our containerised applications are managed by Kubernetes on our Backbase-as-a-Service cloud offering, or at our customers’ private Cloud. 
We are big adopters of open-source frameworks and libraries. When suitable, we choose to use and contribute to open-source applications and platforms to get to value quicker and leverage the community expertise.
On the web we are running Angular and we deliver iOS and Android applications and components.

Open Banking at Backbase

Growing end-user demand for choice and flexibility worldwide has made open banking the required modus operandi everywhere. Handled the right way, banks can tap into the open banking marketplace and connect third party services to enhance their own offerings; creating opportunities to retain and grow their customer base. Backbase is on a mission to help our customers accelerate their delivery of an open banking platform that can bring end-users unprecedented convenience and choice, whilst helping achieve compliance with local regulation such as PSD2. 

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