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DevOps Engineer II

ContentstackFull-time$100k - $245k*Pune, IndiaMay 23, 2024
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What is Contentstack?

Contentstack – the leading Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider – empowers marketers and developers to deliver composable digital experiences at the speed of their imagination. Companies such as ASICS, Chase, Steve Madden, Holiday Inn, Icelandair, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Riot Games, and Shell trust Contentstack to power their most critical content experiences with uncompromising scale and dependability. Known for its Care Without Compromise™ program, Contentstack has achieved the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating. Contentstack is also a founding member of the MACH Alliance, advocating for best-of-breed composable technology that is Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless. Learn more at

Who Are We?

At Contentstack we are more than colleagues, we are a tribe. Our vision is to pursue equity among our communities, employees, partners, and customers. We are global-diverse yet close; distributed yet connected. We are dreamers and dreammakers who challenge the status quo. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching. We are curious trendspotters and brave trendsetters. Our mission is to make Contentstack indispensable for organizations to tell their stories and to connect with the people they care about through inspiring, modern experiences. We care deeply about our customers and the communities we serve. #OneTeamOneDream. Chalo, let’s go!


What Are We Looking For?

Contentstack is looking for a Devops Engineer II. If you’re looking for an opportunity to join an innovative, fun, and fast-paced team where your contributions will have a meaningful impact, we’d love to hear from you! 


Core Responsibilities:

  • Provide on-call support of production infrastructure and applications and business hours support for development systems 
  • Ability to script (Bash and Python) and build automation tools such as terraform, ansible, AWS cloud formation 
  • Provide supporting systems that have a web presence and maintaining uptime 
  • Should participate in a rotating on-call pool 
  • Implement infrastructure and architectural designs and collaborate closely with engineering teams 
  • Implement security best practices for data at rest, and data in motion 
  • Identify requirements and implement tools that aid in faster deployment and better administration 
  • Work with cloud architects and developers to create supportable designs and debug problems 
  • Support development and testing environments on the cloud for customers 
  • Create “knowledge” articles and documentation to help internal teams and customers understand and leverage the system's capabilities
  • Ability to self-learn and explore new technologies with little supervision

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of AWS, Datadog, Git, Jenkin, Azure Cloud in Production.
  • Ability to write CICD pipelines, Terraform templates.

Hands on experience working with Observability platforms and solutions like Datadog.

  • Strong working knowledge of both Unix and Linux operating systems 
  • Knowledge of application clustering/ load balancing 
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills 
  • Experience with Azure Cloud. 
  • Solid experience with AWS cloud
  • Ability to debug applications based on core dumps or exception stack traces 
  • Knowledge of cloud monitoring tools and integration with application stacks 
  • Experience with Node.js and MongoDB deployment 
  • Knowledge of Containerisation in Docker and AWS ECS 
  • Knowledge of application hosting with Nginx, PM2, and MongoDB 
  • Experience with cloud monitoring systems (CloudWatch, ICINGA or Sensu) 
  • Experience with automation frameworks like Terraform, Ansible, and AWS Cloud formation 
  • Knowledge of Security and Compliance using AWS WAF, AWS Inspector, Application VAPT, AWS Config, Cloud trail, and AWS GuardDuty 
  • Knowledge of application scaling and performance using AWS Autoscaling, application load balancing, and application load testing 
  • Knowledge of Monitoring using Sensu or Nginx, Cloudwatch, Pingdom, and Pagerduty 
  • Knowledge of CI-CD using Azure pipelines,AWS CodePipeline, AWS Code deploy, AWS code build, and Jenkins 
  • Experience with Git,Code Commit, Beanstalk and SVN 
  • Experienced in cloud-based centralized clog management systems like Logentries, Loggly, or Splunk. 
  • Experience with managing Saas service 
  • Experience with incident management

Experience: 2-4 years

What Do We Offer?

Interesting Work | We hire curious trendspotters and brave trendsetters. This is NOT your boring, routine, cushy, rest-and-vest corporate job. This is the “challenge yourself” role where you learn something new every day, never stop growing, and have fun while you’re doing it. 

Tribe Vibe | We are more than colleagues, we are a tribe. We have a strict “no a**hole policy” and enforce it diligently. This means we spend time together - with spontaneous office happy hours, organized outings, and community volunteer opportunities. We are a diverse and distributed team, but we like to stay connected.

Bragging Rights | We are dreamers and dream makers. Our efforts pay off and we work with the most prestigious brands, from big-name retailers to airlines, to professional sports teams. Your contribution will make an impact with many of the most recognizable names in almost every industry including ASICS, Chase, Steve Madden, Holiday Inn, Icelandair, Mattel, Mitsubishi, Riot Games, Shell, and many more!

One Team One Dream | This is one of our values, and it shows. We don’t believe in artificial hierarchies. If you’re part of the tribe, you have an opportunity to contribute. Your voice will be heard and you will also receive regular updates about the business and its performance. Which, btw, is through the roof, so it’s a great time to be joining…


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