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Cloud Router Engineer

Apollo GraphQLRemote; European Union; United StatesFull-time$100k - $230k*Mar 18, 2022
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Scale the future of Apollo’s cloud services to support our ever growing team, codebase, and of course major world-wide customers (NYT, Walmart, and Expedia to name a few). Your contributions will focus primarily on our internal development lifecycle, scaling our support for services out in a developer-centric manner. Observability, reliability, and scalability are the name of the game.

Whether your passion is in instrumenting micro-services, hardening an API gateway, just “throwing a queue at it”, or getting into the nitty-gritty of K8s topologies, you will feel right at home. Projects within immediate scope will touch our CI/CD pipelines, Kubernetes installation, and Druid cluster. Your aim will be to scope our projects and problems such that your teammates can hit the ground running. Your abilities will be well suited to help us look ahead toward where our next bottlenecks and hot spots will be.

Different from a traditional ops position, this role sits in the in-between of infrastructure and code. Instead of scaling deployments, we focus on writing autoscaling code. Instead of doing lock step deploys, we employ continuous delivery. Using tools like feature flags over deploy branches. We aim to make Apollo more dependable by providing the communal, plug and play building blocks, that make simple services simple to debug, and simpler to support.

The goal of our team is not measured in our overall productivity, but rather in the gains of other teams. We focus on efforts which enable and nurture the growth of other developer teams at Apollo. You’ll be helping your teammates, and shaping how we work in a major way every day.

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