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Backend Engineer (MS Essentials)

BackbaseMexico City, MexicoFull-time$100k - $250k*May 22, 2023

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The job in short:

At Backbase you'll be joining one of our multicultural, multi-disciplined teams of highly skilled developers maintaining our engaging banking enterprise products using cloud-native Java technology.

Meet the job:

You will be part of a multi-disciplinary team where you are responsible for maintaining the solutions that are part of our core microservices offering, with focus on performance, security, and scalability. We work according to agile methodologies, so we expect you to be proactive and self-driven.

How about you

● You have at minimum 2+ years of experience in developing an enterprise product and maintaining it through its complete lifecycle;
● You are not concerned about interacting with technical stakeholders using your products and helping them to understand how your product works;
● You have significant experience in developing scalable solutions;
● You have strong experience with both relational databases and other storage types;
● Beyond just relying on Hibernate, you understand SQL and know how to develop resilient and performant software solutions;
● You are very familiar with the Spring Framework and Spring Boot;
● You have evidence-based experience with Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes;
● Your code is clean, elegant and easy to grasp;
● You grok different types of testing and know when to use them. Your unit test coverage is immaculate;
● You know REST like the back of your hand;
● As our product is microservices-based, it’s important that you have experience with working in such an environment, and that you are able to think holistically about the system in terms of resilience and deployment topology;
● Your understanding and ability to communicate in English is excellent.

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