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SRE/Backend Engineer (United States)

PluralRemote; United StatesFull-time$105k - $265k*Jun 1, 2022

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Plural is a venture-backed startup that empowers DevOps teams with top tier open source solutions. With Plural, engineers can effortlessly deploy and operate production-ready open source applications from day one, while open source maintainers monetize their technologies.

Over $100bn is spent on cloud infrastructure services yearly, and cloud spend is growing. While cloud delivers on its promise of faster time-to-market and operational efficiency for maturing businesses, it can quickly squeeze profit margins in a way that starts to outweigh its benefits. With the maturity of Kubernetes, Plural is well-positioned to solve this challenge through market disintermediation and optimized cost-efficiency from the get-go.

We're building out a world-class team to help take this vision to market; one of our early hires will be a Backend Engineer who can continue to build out the rapidly growing Plural web-based platform and underlying services.

🔍 What We're Looking For

We're looking for a backend engineer who is excited to leverage Kubernetes to its fullest to create a new breed of cross-cloud portable applications. This will include extending tooling to fully automate the installation/upgrade process for applications on the platform, building out k8s operators to radically simplify application management on kubernetes, and hardening common open source solutions like airflow, elasticsearch, redis, and kafka to be usable on the platform.

😊 What You Can Expect

  • Lean team with huge opportunities for growth as the team scales up
  • Work on the cutting edge of cloud-native computing by extensively leveraging Kubernetes

🏋️‍♀️ What You’ll Be Doing

  • Responsible for the development and management of the applications deployed by Plural and the productionization of our kubernetes runtime.
  • This includes kubernetes operator development to solve lots of interesting last-mile deployment challenges, ensuring all our applications are hardened and production-ready, expanding to new cloud providers and infrastructure environments, and eventually tackling thorny problems like multi-region, multi-cluster management issues.

💠 What You’ll Need

  • 1-2 yrs golang experience
  • 1-2yrs kubernetes experience
    • helm, operators, crds
  • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure automation (terraform preferred)
  • Experience operating any of the following in a production setting
    • postgres/mysql
    • elasticsearch
    • kafka
    • cassandra/scylladb, cockroachdb
    • redis/memcached
    • airflow
    • jenkins


  • experience programming elixir, haskell, or another functional language (our server side code is currently written in elixir)
  • knowledge of server-side graphql, including subscription implementations
  • Knowledge of security best practices for k8s
    • secret management, auditing, identity management, rbac, network policies

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