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Senior Frontend Engineer

BackbaseFull-time$100k - $245k*Amsterdam, NetherlandsFeb 23, 2024

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The Job in short

Build THE platform and components that engineers around the world use to build banks that people love.


Meet the job

At Backbase you'll be joining one of our teams of highly skilled front-end developers building components, frameworks, libraries and management consoles. With these tools, you will empower developers and their agile teams to fully utilise the potential of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform. 

As a Senior Frontend Engineer you'll be using Angular and TypeScript to architect the best web interfaces, administration panels, and omni-channel user experiences.


As a key member of our core team, your primary role will involve empowering engineers to enhance product development. This entails equipping them with frontend tools, implementing best practices and design patterns, optimizing performance, configuring systems, and leveraging core libraries. Your expertise will be centered on modern web technologies, necessitating a profound understanding of contemporary web application development. Familiarity with the advantages and drawbacks of frameworks and the problems they address is essential. Additionally, staying abreast of industry trends will be crucial for driving efficient web development processes.


Here's what you'll get to do with us:


  • Driving growth by building new features and improving existing features in our enterprise SDK (Angular & Typescript) for our clients and enhancing the customer lifecycle of their end users;
  • Own and build out key frontend components, features and architecture within the Backbase frontend Library;
  • (unit) Test, test, test and test to make sure our components are secure, safe and user friendly;
  • Build and Flawlessly run CI/CD Pipelines (GHA) to ensure smooth, automated delivery;
  • Collaborate and present to the frontend guild of 200+ to stay on top of new tech, tools and workshop how to implement them with us;
  • Participate in agile and scrum ceremonies while building clean, maintainable, testable and scalable code;
  • Coach and mentoring mid and junior level Frontenders!


Additionally, as a Senior Frontend Engineer, you'll be able to participate in & constructively change the hiring process of Mid level and Senior Frontenders helping Backbase grow globally.

How about you

FinTech is one of the trends that is here to stay. This is a great opportunity for you to jump in by developing at the heart of the banking experience. Our R&D Product teams are at the center of a global transformation, creating interfaces that impact the banking experiences for more than 100 million people on a daily basis. We use goal-driven design methodology and collaboration across the Backbase Frontend community to drive efficient development practices and ways of working.

If you're up for pushing the boundaries of our domain, enriching user centred services and redefining what it means to be a bank, then this is the job for you! We're building things that haven't been built before, improving features that are not just nice to haves, but needs to have in modern day financial services - all while enjoying a steady work life balance.

  • Hands on technical experience with microservices architecture and REST;
  • A strong belief that writing clean, maintainable and scalable code is the best way to work;
  • You have strong Angular and Typescript skills 
  • Extensive use of RxJS and knowledge of different design patterns. A background in node and npm, and the Angular CLI would be an advantage.
  • You can set up and run effective CI/CD processes and how to make an effective branching strategy.
  • Understanding of the value of proper documentation, automation and other aspects of a modern software development lifecycle;
  • Experience writing libraries used by other developers and understanding of the inherent challenges;
  • Expert knowledge, confidence, and efficiency in debugging issues,


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