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Senior Developer Advocate

BackbaseAmsterdam, NetherlandsFull-time$90k - $225k*Sep 15, 2023
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The Job in short

Establish and maintain strong relationships with developers, fostering a vibrant developer community and evangelizing the Developer Platform your value streams key deliverable. By acting as a bridge between our value stream and the developer community, you will play a pivotal role in driving developer adoption, engagement, and overall satisfaction.

What you'll do

The Developer platform focuses on providing technology accelerators to developers and digital teams at Backbase and our clients around the world; so they can focus on business value and ship software faster. Components of the Developer Platform include, developer tools like an API portalSDKs, testing tools like our API Sandbox and code linting tools. Also very significant part is the Backbase Design System for reusable UI components.  Everything we deliver is nothing without first class documentation and  great learning examples. As such, a large for of our time is towards documenting best practices, ways of working and guides that will end up on and also

We see this role owning 4 pillars:

Developer Advocacy: 


Community Building: 

Developer Engagement: 


Who you are

Does this profile speak to your inner Developer Advocate? Join our team and play a pivotal role in empowering front-end developers to create innovative and impactful applications using our cutting-edge technologies. Help us build a thriving developer community and drive the success of our products in the market.

To run with this role, we think you'll need:

(please note that we are only able to proceed with candidates currently based in the Netherlands)

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