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Security Research Engineer

BraveRemoteFull-time$125k - $285k*Jun 17, 2022

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Security Research Engineer - Remote - London

Brave is now looking for a Security Research Engineer to join Brave’s research team to help in the development and transfer of research ideas into new Brave products. This job involves working collaboratively with researchers, engineers, and the wider product teams to design, develop, and implement new systems for preserving user security and privacy. Learn more about the Brave Research team here.


Join Brave’s mission to protect the human right to privacy online. We’ve built a free web browser that blocks ads and trackers by default, a private search engine with a truly independent index, a browser-native crypto wallet, and an opt-in private ad network that directly rewards you for your attention. And we’re just getting started. Already over 50 million active users have switched to Brave for a faster, more private web. Millions more switch every month. Join us!

Role summary

We are hiring for a new security researcher to join the Brave Research team.

As a security researcher, your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing new security and privacy features for usage in Brave products.
  • Prototyping, measuring, and implementing novel privacy enhancing technologies in the Brave browser.
  • Collaborating with product-focused teams to ensure that new technologies can be productized effectively.

This is a full time role and will report to the Chief Scientist at Brave.

Required qualifications

    • Excellent proficiency and experience in working with systems-level programming languages (ideally Rust or Go).
    • Solid background in writing new features for large, diverse applications and codebases.
  • Ability to write clear technical documentation.
  • Proficiency working with Git.
  • Comfortable working with a geographically-distributed software development team.
  • Familiarity with Web technologies and the Web security model.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience contributing to open source codebases and/or participating in open source communities. (Almost all of our work at Brave is done in the open on Github.)
  • Experience auditing code for security issues.
  • Experience working on and improving privacy, anonymity, and censorship resistance technologies.
  • Experience working in a research-driven environment.

Working at Brave

  • Ability to work at an exciting and well-funded international startup headquartered in San Francisco.
  • Fully remote team (no office, no commute).
  • Cutting-edge technology, allowing you to work with state-of-the-art tools and software solutions.
  • Highly competitive compensation and plenty of room for personal growth.
  • Great international exposure and team atmosphere.
  • Opportunity to get in early at a hyper-growth company, and revolutionize the web

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