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Frontend Engineer - R&D

BackbaseFull-time$100k - $240k*Hyderabad, IndiaMay 8, 2023

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The Job in short

As a Front-end engineer, you are responsible for the end-to-end functionality and delivery of our state-of-the-art remote configuration tooling that puts the power of agility and live configuration in the hands of our customers. In addition, you will be involved in the support and maintenance of our key headless services which the biggest banks in the world rely on.

You will be part of our multidisciplinary team consisting highly driven and enthusiastic professionals. Your team is end-to-end responsible for the analysis, design, implementation and delivery of production-ready software to our customers. 

  • You are experienced in Angular and Typescript. RxJS is a must;
  • Obviously you have an excellent understanding of HTML and CSS;
  • You have a deep understanding of REST architectural principles;
  • You are comfortable working relational databases, you dream in SQL;
  • Acronyms such as JSON, CORS, CQRS, CRUD, CDN and DOM are well known to you;
  • You value clean, well-designed, well-written, and testable code;
  • You are familiar with using design patterns and 
  • You have provable experience implementing CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and release your products;
  • You are curious about new technologies and new open source frameworks that may be applicable to your product;
  • You’re a true team player and enjoy sharing knowledge and helping your peers to grow and get better together;
  • You enjoy challenges and don’t easily give up.

It’s a plus if you have experience with Spring Boot or the Spring open source ecosystem. At Backbase, we love open source!


Meet the job

At Backbase you'll be joining one of our teams of highly skilled front-end developers building components, frameworks, libraries and management consoles. With these tools, you will empower developers and their agile teams to fully utilise the potential of the Backbase Engagement Banking Platform. As a Senior Frontend Engineer you'll be using Angular and TypeScript to architect the best web interfaces and administration panels.

We love clean, testable, and maintainable code that is cross-browser compatible. You get to be part of a multidisciplinary team that is end-to-end responsible for analysis, design, implementation and delivery of production-ready software. We like to keep work interesting and we encourage our engineers to develop their personal strengths.

Here’s what you’ll get to do with us:

  • Develop and fine-tune powerful UX that bring remote configuration to our customers.
  • Drive the adoption of our configuration management solution;
  • Apply iterative development and actively engage with end users to optimize our product for real-world use cases;
  • Build strong and robust test automation for our products. We love quality!
  • Participate in our Front-end guild of 200+ engineers to stay on top of new tech, tools and workshop how to implement them with us;
  • Implement a robust SDLC for building and releasing our software using consistent processes;
  • Drive your personal growth forward, apply research and innovation to make sure we continue working on new and up-to-date technology.




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