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Frontend Engineer

Pyth NetworkRemoteFull-time$90k - $205k*Aug 31, 2022

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We are building a decentralized protocol that connects these market data providers to DeFi applications. It’s a market that connects these two types of participants, with various incentives to encourage participation on both sides.

However, it turns out that building a decentralized protocol requires lots of web development! Our most prominent website is which shows off our price feeds, but there’s more. We need a website that allows end-users to interact with the protocol, a website for developer documentation, and various dashboards and monitoring tools. These websites are the public face of our protocol, and they’re absolutely essential to our success.

We’re looking for frontend engineers who can help us build and maintain these various websites. The primary focus of this job is frontend development; however, since we are a small team, the job will require pitching in on other tasks (such as backend development) to unblock the frontend work. Good candidates will have a strong sense of design and demonstrated experience building attractive, usable web properties. 

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