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Engineering Manager - Developer Enablement

BackbaseFull-timeAmsterdam, NetherlandsDec 6, 2022

The job in short

In this key leadership position, you will lead up to three best-in-class, cross-functional teams of software engineers, QA engineers, and technical writers. Along with leading and growing your teams, you define and promote the team's ways of working, hiring, and training strategies. You support your teams to adopt a sound way of working, help them deal with change, and promote knowledge sharing.

You are responsible for balanced teams that deliver what they promise. You make sure that your teams are set up for high performance, take accountability, and deliver products that meet the expectations of our customers taking all the non-functionals like security, documentation, accessibility, performance, maintainability, and reliability into account as well.

You actively drive the team to have a well-defined agile process. . You are responsible for and help the team set out the strategic direction and are an instrumental facilitator in reaching the goals we set out to accomplish. 


What You’ll Do 

As an Engineering Manager, you will be leading up to three development teams within our R&D organization, together with the value stream leadership team, product managers, and other key stakeholders. You contribute directly to the delivery of the products and technical documentation within R&D that are used by our global customers and will have an impact on the 100+ million end-customers they serve on a daily basis.

Team & People Management - The most important part of your job - the people in your team! Together you will work with them towards an environment in which each individual improves both their multidisciplinary skills. Together, you create the conditions in which the development teams can deliver features that respect the high expectations on e.g. quality from our customers. You are responsible for the team composition, establishing processes that promote team health, and setting the right cultural values. On a day-to-day basis you work closely with your team to help them learn and improve in their way of working.

Delivery Management - You will own the delivery commitment of the team and together with the team make sure to deliver what has been promised. You are keeping key technology stakeholders involved and informed when and where needed. You will always protect and support your team to make sure they deliver up to the quality standards our customers expect from us. Together with the Product Owners, you make sure realistic commitments are given by e.g. advocating Lean Agile Development Principles. Products delivered by your teams meet the high professional standards we set for ourselves.

Engineering Management - As Engineering Manager, you balance key aspects of the software development lifecycle for your development teams. From adhering to non-functional requirements, automated releases, ensuring quality, coding standards, automation, integration testing, release acceptance validation, security, infrastructure, all the way up to understanding all the little details of the product domain within your value stream. You will ensure to build strong craftsmanship and effective processes for your team optimizing quality, predictability and output as that is our way to stay ahead of our competitors and serve our customers best.

Who You Are

  • You are a high energy team player, always constructive and passionate about delivery and software engineering, and get a kick when your team exceeds your expectations;
  • You have at least 5 years of hands-on experience with software engineering;
  • You have a minimum of 3 years of experience in leading multi-disciplinary Agile teams, preferably in a product company. SaaS experience is definitely a plus; 
  • Strong knowledge of agile development practices and principles, such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean;
  • Technical practices like continuous integration, automated testing, release management, performance monitoring and applicable tooling such as Atlassian, Git, etc. are part of your standard day-to-day thinking;
  • You have experience with setting up new development teams, including hiring, team line-up and onboarding;
  • You are familiar with servant leadership, and are able to embrace change and adapt to new situations;
  • You demonstrate excellent communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills;
  • You have a strong ability to persuade, inspire and motivate others. You easily navigate stakeholders across Backbase, from 1-to-1s with your team members to working directly with senior leadership and of course excellent English speaking, writing and presentation skills;
  • You drive the delivery within your teams so that we can meet our commitments;
  • You have strong Agile project management skills and the ability to act decisively. Comfortable working across departments, product discipline, time zones and multiple cultures;
  • You are a natural coach, through effective questioning you guide self-evaluation of performance, help our teams diagnose areas for improvement and own the solution. You will be measured on team output and employee happiness;
  • You naturally collaborate and generate a positive spirit of cooperation while coordinating diverse activities and groups within a team environment;
  • You are fluent in English, both written and spoken.