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Engineering Director

BackbaseAmsterdam, NetherlandsFull-timeJul 31, 2023
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Engineering Director Developer Enablement

Backbase R&D


Backbase is a leading technology company specializing in digital banking. We aim to empower developers and drive innovation through tools, platforms, and resources. We believe in the power of developer enablement and its role in accelerating product development and enhancing the developer experience. We are seeking a dynamic and visionary Engineering Director to lead our Developer Enablement team and shape the future of our developer ecosystem.

As the Engineering Director of Developer Enablement, you will be responsible for leading and managing a set of teams with talented engineers, enabling them to deliver exceptional tools, platforms, and resources that empower our developer community. You will be critical in driving the technical strategy, architecture, and execution of developer enablement initiatives, ensuring they align with the company's overall goals and objectives. You will collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, and developer relations, to understand their needs and develop innovative solutions that enhance the developer experience.





Engineering Director

As Engineering Director, you are responsible for the effective operation of the value stream with regards to people and team management including broader HR topics like motivation, personal growth, purpose, values and productivity, organisational setup, delivery management and engineering processes. An analogy: The role can be seen as the ‘mini-CTO’ of the value stream where the Product Director is the ‘mini-CEO’. The role is part of the value stream leadership and therefore also responsible to drive the overall strategy of the value stream in line with the company vision and strategy.

Your team

Your value stream's mission is Developer Enablement. This means both the needs of customers developing on our platform and Backbase engineers are important. They do this by curating best practices and developing libraries and tools that will accelerate any developer to build bank grade production ready software and improve the speed of innovation. 


Open by Design, is their mantra. Our goal is to combine the best from open source with our expertise so that our Developer Platform is best on industry standards and  easy to use thus not proprietary. Producing the Developer Platform is not enough, to ensure successful adoption your team is required to build a community  that embraces the talents of developers Backbase wide with a feedback loop to continually improve.

What you'll do

In this role, you are responsible for creating the conditions in which development teams are set up for high performance and can deliver features that meet the high expectations of developers while taking all of the non-functions like security, maintainability, and reliability into account. You work with the Engineering Managers to spot anti-pattern or dysfunction that impacts the team’s performance and help the teams work towards solving those. On a day-to-day basis you work closely with your product counterparts to surface best practices, engineering vision, strategy, policies, processes, and procedures to aid and improve the Developer Platform and its adoption across the company.


The engineering strategies and processes you develop should aid in meeting business objectives and operational needs in terms of quality, delivery targets, as well as enable the company to function and compete effectively in the market.

You have exceptional communication and leadership skills to inspire and motivate others. You easily navigate stakeholders across Backbase, from 1-to-1s with your team members to working directly with senior leadership.

Together with our Operations Managers and Recruiters, you will collaborate on defining processes and setting priorities in regards to recruitment forecasting with the aim of ensuring your teams have the capacity to meet the demand of our customer engagements.

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